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How App Cross Promotion Works

How App Cross Promotion Works

App Cross Promotion

LunarAds is the only mobile ad network in the world where you can promote your app for free!

We make is simple to cross promote your apps with other developers, in a nutshell, here's how it works.

Step 1) Download our SDK for iphone, android, Corona, or web users. Then create a promotional ad for your app. You are allowed to create a text ads, banner image ads, or even Interstitial ads - you get full use the ad space. Link your promotion to the app you have published that is running LunarAds. We track the impressions of your ad throughout the network, along with the clicks, the CTR, the installs and conversions all in real time. You'll be able to tell where your app is being installed the most from and more. You can also set your ad to only run in certain geographic locations if you wish (geo-target).

Step 2) Once your app promotion is approved it will begin displaying in other developers apps only if the app you are promoting is running LunarAds.
You may also chose to directly target your promotion to one of your other apps using LunarAds. For example, you might want to create a promotional ad for a paid app and push it through a free app. Or you might also have two games that are similar and you want to advertise one from the other. This is a highly effective way of advertising and because it's dynamic and not hard coded into your app as an advertisement, you can change it up anytime you want.

Cross promotion is required by all developers using LunarAds. 5% of all traffic is used to display eligible cross promotions from within your app. While this might sound a bit intrusive, you too get to benefit from this by having guaranteed exposure for your apps running the LunarAds SDK.

We give you powerful reporting that shows you how many times a particular advertisement has been displayed, as well as clicks to it, CTR, and we even show you which ads you are promoting inside your apps.

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