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How to Promote your app for free
12 things you can do that won't cost you anything to get your app more attention in the market! Read on....

New Support System is online
We have built a new support system for developers to utilize. You can submit bugs, support questions, browse the knowledgebase, get the latest news, even live chat with us, plus lots more now at

New SDK 1.8
We just released the latest sdk for Corona developers, version 1.8.
The biggest change is we are now using Corona webviews for ad display. You will need Corona build 840 for IOS or 863 for Android in order to support the new webview feature. If you don't want to update to a new daily build that is okay - the SDK defaults back to webpopup for ad display. Because of the numerous fixes built into this version we recommend updating your app when possible.

LunarAds hardware upgrade
Things should be popping off much faster now when it comes to ad delivery and overall website experience here on LunarAds.
We just updated our database cloud hardware and it's fast!
Migration took only a few minutes this afternoon so the loss of ad delivery was very small.
Lots more on the way!


New Reports coming
We are currently working on the Cross-Prormotion reporting section so if you see any weirdness there, check back! We are going to be making easier to see where your promotions are being shown, who's promotions YOU are showing, and more.
The new reports should be completely online by tomorrow at 12PM PST.

You can now upload gifs and pngs!
In case you want to jazz up your cross promotion banners or Interstitials you can now upload animated gif files as well as PNG files into your banners!

What's been happening!
There has been so much motion on the LunarAds front I've had a hard time getting to the news section to let everyone know - sorry!

Much has been happening, mainly the out-pouring of developer support for LunarAds :) ! Looks like we are really filling the gap and we are glad to see such success from you guys. Developers such as LoqHeart (Cannon Cat #2 iPad game) are using LunarAds, as well as other top developers to monetize and get real time metrics of their apps usage.

Over the coming weeks you will notice some cosmetic changes to the LunarAds site, first and foremost are better charting for everyone to use. We'll also be adding some new networks to help you monetize with. Forums are coming, and finally -something totally new for developers to use among developers (yeah just for us!)

Stay tuned,

Dedicated forum from Corona
Hi Gang, because we've had so much interest from Corona developers using LunarAds, the fine people at Corona gave us our own forum area! Let the posting begin!

Pontiflex full page Interstitials
Now available as a new ad network choice is Pontiflex full page Ad Leads Interstitial ads. We teamed up with the Pontiflex team to offer these exclusively to Corona devs.
The Ad Leads offerings from Pontiflex offers high CPM's from great offers via full page ads. Users can opt in, or just cancel the screen to continue on to your app. Be sure to sign up for an account on and then enable the ads in your individual channels.

New Corona SDK is here!
Version 1.4 of the LunarAds SDK for Corona is here and supports device scaling, centering, and ad refreshes. To set a refresh time for your ads to appear, just edit your channel data. You can get the SDK in the help area here

Want Interstitial ads for cross promotions?
Now available in your app channel info, just select to receive interstitials for cross promotions and they will begin showing instantly.
Interstitial ads (full screen) have the advantage of putting cross promotions into direct focus for the user experience. Our recommendation is create a new cross promotion with an interstitial ad and select it to appear in a selected channel of choice. For example, we are currently using an interstitial ad for our Pro version of Milk it, which runs inside our free version.

Want to cross promote just one of your apps?
It's now possible for you to directly campaign a single app promotion through one of your other apps using Lunar, just by editing your channel data for that app, selecting to cross promote, check to show only your own promotions, then pick which promotion to show.

Whola, only that promo will appear in your app!
This allows for direct marketing of one app to another without worrying about rotating in apps you don't really want to promote at that moment.
Lots more coming this week!

New Website look
Welcome to the new face of! We are still hammering away the changes and some other items will be getting tweaked as well, (yes we know the search doesn't work yet :) what do you think? Let us know in the comment area!

Next order of biz is to announce you can now upload banners and interstitials as part of the cross promotion advertisements!
It's in final testing and you can only add them to cross promotion ads after you create them (edit screen), but after some final tweaks there you will also be able to create the banners and interstitials as new promotions. If you guys spot any issues give us a yell!

First day of Spring
-Made changes to menu cross promotion items so they appear together (seems to make more sense that way)

New SDK 1.3 for Corona
We've added a new SDK for Corona users, ads now center automatically for all devices if you do not specify an x or y parameter. Ads are centered bottom | center no by default.
This SDK also supports high res ads as well.


We now support Server to Server API
In case you don't want to embed our SDK, check out the SDK/HELP menu above for a new option to use LunarAds, calling it over the web! Come up with your own method of delivery, just send us your channel ID and publisher ID - we'll do the rest.

On tap for tomorrow is some awesome news concerning cross promotion!

Cross Promotion getting some attention
Hello everyone, where did Monday go?!
You can now select to show only cross promotion ads per channel. Which means if you want to run only your own cross promotions inside a particular app, and show other developers promotions from a different app, you can!

Good Friday morning!
Hello everyone!
We are cranking away on some minor website reporting tweaks today.
We should have JumpTap network ready by today or the weekend.

Some Test Results
Here is a report from a test we just did for ad delivery delay. These are the actual network delay times not the LunarAds delay system (which is almost 0), unfortunately we have no control over how long it takes a network to respond to a call to display an ad.

We used the LunarAds demo project as downloaded from our website and a iPhone 4s for testing.

We tapped the button "Show Lunar Ad" in the demo app to call an ad, and hitting a stopwatch at the same time until the ad was fully shown (crude I know but it's real world results) :)

Each network was tested a minimum of 10 times on each spectrum

Lunar Ads Cross Promotion Ad: Less than 1/2 second WIFI
Lunar Ads Cross Promotion Ad: Less than 1/2 second 3G

Lunar Ads Offers : Less than 1/2 second WIFI
Lunar Ads Offers : Less than 1/2 second 3G

Leadbolt Banners: 1-3 seconds WIFI
Leadbolt Banners: 2-3 seconds 3G

Leadbolt App Wall: 2-5 seconds WIFI
Leadbolt App Wall: 2-5 seconds 3G

Tapit: 1-2 seconds WIFI
Tapit: 1-2 seconds 3G

Admob: 1/2 second to 1 1/2 second WIFI
Admob: 1/2 second to 1 1/2 second 3G

Pontiflex App Leads : Just under 2 seconds WIFI
Pontiflex App Leads : Just under 2 seconds 3G

Inneractive: 2-3 seconds WIFI
Inneractive: 2-3 seconds 3G

Here is today's report;
  • We are working on adding some additional reporting to the website.
  • We also fixed the channel report counts that were showing the wrong data.
  • Added 30 days worth of channel reporting
  • Fixed admob ad showing test ad issue

  • Inneractive ads are live!
    You can now begin using the Inneractive ads network in your apps! Simply go to the Innteractive Ads website ( and grab the APP ID for any channel you've created there and put it into your Channel info here on Lunar Ads.

    Inneractive ads in beta testing
    The Inneractive ad network has entered into final testing in the Lunar system. We hope to have it online for developers no later than tomorrow AM.


    Website changes
    Today we are working on making several website changes to help developers use the Lunar system. One of them is this daily news section! Seriously - if you guys have any questions at all hit us up on the comment box, or drop us an email. We would love to hear your feedback! Other items that are new and coming today
  • Menu items adjustments
  • SDK options more obvious
  • The Inneractive network should be online later today
  • Added a screencast showing how to use LunarAds SDK with Corona
  • Added a new screencasts section in the help area

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    New Support System is online
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    New SDK 1.8
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