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How to promote your app for FREE

How to promote your app for FREE


Free App Promotion

Want to get your app noticed in the market without costing you a dime? Here is a list you should follow for every app you publish.

1) Make sure your app is named well. Many times cute names do nothing for an app's ranking over one that states exactly what it does. For example, an app that lets you track your friends should be called "Track My Friends", not "SuperTrack", or "VoloooTrack", or some other silly name. State what the app is in the title it will help your rankings. Plus most app titles are being truncated now anyway.

2) Use your icon for visibility. Many times the artwork in an icon will make or break someones attention. If you have an app now that isn't getting much attention, simply creating a new icon that you'd thought out and spent time on (not bought from Shutterstock) can gain attention to your app. Experimenting is best here but just imagine if you had to describe what your app is in a picture - THAT should be your icon.

3) Adjust store descriptions to match new store formats. Use the elevator speech version of your app explanation. What do I mean? Imagine getting in an elevator with someone you don't know and you have 15 seconds to tell them all about your app. You want them to remember it when they get off, so be short, be precise, and do it in a few sentences. Most people will not read the 5 paragraph blog posted inside your app description about why they need to download it, no..they wont. Go ahead and post your long descriptions though, just start with the elevator speech version FIRST!

4) Make a website dedicated to nothing but your new app. Upload good screenshots. Try make it as original as possible but keep it sleek and to the point. Make sure the download buttons are up front an center. Why build a website for an app you say? Because Apple and Google both use Web Search Engine results to help determine rankings in the app store.

5) Youtube, Youtube, Youtube., make a nice video about your app and upload it. This will take you some time but it's important for rankings. Be sure to include the link(s) to your app videos in the app description.

6) Build social sharing into your app, I don't care what you share - just share something! If you aren't putting "Share this app", or "Post on my wall", etc into your app you are missing the viral possibility to have your app scream up the charts.

7) Submit your app for review by app review websites. AppAdvice, dailyappshow, 148apps are just a few that you can submit to. You can find a complete list here Make sure you offer them free downloads.

8) Submit your app to Twitter - even if you don't have any followers :)

9) If your app is to be paid, release it free for a few days. Then change it up throughout a few months. Make sure to build it up first socially, "Make sure you get my free app for the next two days only!"

10) Chances are you have friends and family that have smartphones. Use your word of mouth as best you can. Call them, email them, choke them! Do whatever it takes to get them to download your app and review it (5 stars of course). Don't host a party over are your house to do this either! Why, because the reviews will all come from the same IP address if they hit your Wifi! 

11) Use free online ad placements, Craiglist, blogger, etc. to post little news blurbs about the app.

12) Finally, use Lunarads or a similar cross promotion service to get your app circulated. This one is a a no-brainer. 


There are countless other ways to get your app noticed but most of them cost money. You can literally gamble away thousands of dollars on campaigns through Admob, Jumptap, or others without any return on the investment. I know developers that do spend $80,000 in a few days to get ranked high - yep, I said $80k. It does work when you throw that kind of money around, but I'd rather keep my money and do it the right way..

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