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What is LunarAds?

    LunarAds is the only mobile ad network in the world where you can promote your app for free!

    We also have ad mediation from top mobile ad networks, and give you real time analytics for your apps.

    App Cross Promotion. Cross promotion is a form of marketing where developers of one app are targeted with promotions from another developers app. You can select to only show ads for your own apps if you wish as well. By enabling our SDK in your app, you can cross promote your app with other developers. You promote your app by uploading banners or interstials ads and other developers display those in their apps. You get to track performance of your promotions and even see which apps in the network are getting you installs. More info ⇢

    Monetization. We have pass-through mediation where you can choose from the 8 ad networks we have partnered with to deliver ads to your app. The best part is the SDK is controlled from the website dashboard so whatever ad networks you choose to run show up in your app automatically. And you can change them around at any time. Simply designate which networks you would like your app to use, provide your channel or zone information from that network, and LunarAds will display them for you without having to install their SDK! You earn money directly from the ad networks because we are a passive delivery system.
    In addition, one of the biggest advantages to using the LunarAds SDK is automatic new network support. When we add a new mobile ad network you can instantly send traffic to users who are downloading your apps now, and those users who have downloaded it in the past, because the LunarAds delivery system to your app is dynamic and requires very few updates to the SDK. Supported Networks

    Analytics.We have detailed reporting throughout the dashboard that allows you to see your cross promotions stats in real time. You can see where you are apps are being installled, impressions, clicks, and more. In addition you can insert your Google anaytics property ID into your app channel information from within the dashboard and capture even more detailed information about your apps usage.

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