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Affiliate advertising now available
In the first round of updates coming to LunarAds this week, today we are introducing Affiliate Ads. This gives you the ability to use any advertising source you wish, including affilate offers from around the web! It's a little known secret that mo...

App Developer Magazine
  I am excited to introduce you to App Developer Magazine, a new monthly print and digital magazine offering one of a kind articles and interviews, news, monetization tips, reviews, and just about anything relating to the world of the app dev...

Holiday app promotion, Tapit Interstitials
Going into the holidays is always exciting for developers because there is an increase in holiday advertisements, traffic, and overall app consumption! Taking advantage of this now is crucial to your success. Here are a few tips to get your app notic...

Making sure you get promoted
Not seeing very many impressions of your app promotions from LunarAds? There is one BIG reason why this could be, and it is... MAKE SURE you have your app promotion linked to the target app it's promoting. If you don't your promotion will not be di...

Changes to LunarAds
As a part of our continuing growth with LunarAds we would like to make you aware of a few changes that are occurring on the network that will effect your cross promotion traffic.   1) Effective immediately, 5% of all incoming traffic will be r...

How to promote your app for FREE
Free App Promotion Want to get your app noticed in the market without costing you a dime? Here is a list you should follow for every app you publish. 1) Make sure your app is named well. Many times cute names do nothing for an app's ranking over on...

Get the most from app cross promotion
Cross promoting your apps with other developers provides an excellent way for free promotion, but how do I get your app downloaded more? Use ad types We say It's all about ad type. Banner ads are great, take up little real estate inside your app scr...

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How to Promote your app for free
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New Support System is online
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New SDK 1.8
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