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Affiliate advertising now available

Affiliate advertising now available


In the first round of updates coming to LunarAds this week, today we are introducing Affiliate Ads.

This gives you the ability to use any advertising source you wish, including affilate offers from around the web!

It's a little known secret that most mobile ad networks get the ads they serve you from the affiliate market - but they take part of the revenue you earn from those ads.

Now you have the ability to get those direct offers yourself and put them in your apps to earn and keep all of the revenue yourself :)

Here's how it works.

On the dashboard you will see a new tab named "Affiliate Ads", this is where you create affiliate offers or put in any ad code you wish - it's your space to advertise. You simply choose your target platform (iOS, or Android), give it a friendly name you'll recognize it with, then put in whatever ad code you wish in the "Ad Code" field. It will accept any HTML markup or client-side scripting.

This is a very powerful feature not offered by any other ad network. Why you ask? Because ad networks don't want you to use affiliate marketing and cut them out of the revenue stream!

Along with using the affiliate feature for ads, you can also put into the ad space anything you wish, ad network javascript, notes to your users, HTML5 apps, web banners, or just about anything else!

Once you create your afiliate ads, using them can't be easier. Simply go to the app that you wish to use those affiliate offers, and select them from your promotions list and whola! You can use the offers in as many apps as you have created in LunarAds as well.

We have also added a list of popular mobile affiliates to get offers from, most have app download offers starting at $1.25 and going up to $3!

Lots more to come this week!

If you have any questions please let me know.


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