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Changes to LunarAds

Changes to LunarAds


As a part of our continuing growth with LunarAds we would like to make you aware of a few changes that are occurring on the network that will effect your cross promotion traffic.


1) Effective immediately, 5% of all incoming traffic will be required to be cross promotion traffic.


2) All promotions must be linked to an app with the LunarAds SDK embedded in order to be shown.


Is this a good thing?

Yes! This is a very good thing. By requiring cross promotion we level the playing field across the entire spectrum of developers and cause app promotion to be more intentional which means your app is going to get promoted more often. You don't have to opt in, or opt out - just embed the LunarAds SDK and upload a promotion for your app.


How do I know if my promotion is linked to my app?

Login to your LunarAds dashboard and hover "Cross Promotion", then select "My Promotions". You can look through the list to see if your promotions are linked to the correct apps you are promoting. If they aren't simply link them and update (approval required).


Why are you doing this?

Simply put, not enough developers are choosing to cross promote and it's causing an imbalance in the network. The idea behind LunarAds was app visibility for all, monetization, and for the system to be self-feeding, but we have seen an alarming trend with regards to cross promotion and we want to make it fair for everyone to get their app promotion rotating within the network.


What about my current promotion credits?

Because of the change to the system we are doing away with the credit system alltogether. 

If you have any outstanding positive balance in the credit system, we will prioritize your traffic for you to help your promotions be seen more until your traffic balance is depleted.


Will my app promotion appear more often?

Yes, everyone will get more visibility this way - just watch your daily reports to see for yourself.


Can I opt out of this?

If you wish to opt out and not show any cross promotions you will have to uninstall the LunarAds SDK from your app. You can send us an email to for immediate removal from the network while you work on posting an app update. Be advised that no requests can be filled including those for ad networks if you choose this path.


Still have questions?

Email us directly at

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