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Holiday app promotion, Tapit Interstitials

Holiday app promotion, Tapit Interstitials


Going into the holidays is always exciting for developers because there is an increase in holiday advertisements, traffic, and overall app consumption! Taking advantage of this now is crucial to your success. Here are a few tips to get your app noticed more for the holidays.

1) Change up your descriptions to ad new text saying something about the holiday season.

2) If your app is seasonal, make sure to get it updated for this season -people look at published dates more than you might think.

3) If you have a paid app, make some blog posts and tweets about a sale and knock the price down for the holidays or "free for a weekend" kind of thing.

4) Finally, update your banners or Interstitials inside your LunarAds dashboard to reflect some holiday bling! Snow caps and wreaths work wonders Wink



Tapit Interstitials are now available as an option for you to use from within your channel data. Just create a Tapit ( zone for Interstitials, put that zone info in your channel and select Interstitial. 

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