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Get the most from app cross promotion

Get the most from app cross promotion


Cross promoting your apps with other developers provides an excellent way for free promotion, but how do I get your app downloaded more?

Use ad types
We say It's all about ad type. Banner ads are great, take up little real estate inside your app screens but will typically yield the lowest CTR. Interstitial ads will prompt the user with a question via a full screen ad - download me or not? Though Interstitials are more obtrusive and won't work just anywhere they will yield an average  15% CTR! When compared to the average click-thru rate of a banner ad it makes much more sense to use Interstitials as apposed to banners.

Mix it up
Don't be afraid to mix it up either. Many developers use a strategy with LunarAds where they create more than one app channel for the same app. By having multiple channels you can control what types of ads appear "where". For example you can create one app channel to show Interstitial ads at your apps launch screen, then another app channel to show banners throughout. And remember you control the channels ad delivery from the LunarAds website so you can turn ads off for a while, then turn them on during times of peak use, etc. Don't be afraid to experiment here. 

Target the app
Make sure you have uploaded banner ads, and Interstitials ads for the app you are promoting and have linked them to the app being promoted (that isrunning LunarAds). You get the most analytics when you know the impressions, the clicks, and the installs. The only way to know if the app is being downloaded through a promotion is to link it (check this by looking at your promotions on the website and selecting the "target app". 

Don't let your balance get low
The age old advertising rule applies here. Consistency! That means continuously showing your ads as much as possible to get the message going - download me! In order to keep your ad in rotation make sure you are running cross promotion ads from within your app, or purchase credits from the dashboard. If your app promotions pop on, then pop off the network you'll not get the benefit of large quantities of downloads each day. If you don't have enough traffic to your app cross promoting but want to get that "mass push" one day - build up impressions by letting your apps show cross promotion ads but pause all of your own promotions so they don't show. Once you have enough credits in your account, turn your ads on so they run for longer periods of time.

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