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A Remote Control for your Apps

    Our SDK has been described as "putting a remote control in your app" because once implimented you now have the ability to control everything your app does, from monetization, to cross promotion. And what's even better is you don't have to install tons of other SDK's anymore to support all of this. Just install our SDK and control your app's every move from your LunarAds dashboard - that's it.

Multiple Ad Networks

    We support the use of multiuple ad networks at the same time. Think of it as a mediation platform, only you get to control what networks run in your apps. We currently have 8 networks to choose from but that list is continuing to grow which will enable for you even more options to earn revenue from new networks. And best of all, you do not need to update the SDK in your apps in order to accomidate any new networks we add. As we sign on new ad networks, you'll be alerted and able to use them in your apps.


    Just by simply using our SDK, we track for you all impressions for your app, which screen resulotions are being used, OS versions, and more. In addition, you can also use our embedded Google Analytics for "live views" of your apps being used around the world. Get detailed information about your app which you can use to further target your marketing.

The money is all yours!

    We don't take any of the money you earn through any ad network you choose to use from LunarAds. We are only providing a service for you to mediate your ad traffic and cross promote, but you still must have an account for the ad network you are using. We provide you with an impression count for any ad network you are using, but in order to track actual revenue earned you must go to that paticular ad network's reports area. As an example, if you choose to use Leadbolt in your app here on LunarAds, you need to go to and create an ad zone to put in for your channel here on LunarAds. Still need help? You can get network specifics here

What is app cross promotion?

    Cross promotion is a form of marketing promotion where developers of one app are targeted with promotion of a another developers app, you can also select to only show ads for your own apps if you wish.

    Cross promoting makes it easy for you to get an app noticed without the hefty price tag of advertising.
    We know how tough it can be to market an app, so why not cross promote with others!
    Imagine having an app with a million downloads showing promotional ads for YOUR app? It's possible with LunarAds.
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