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Using Lunar

Using Lunar

Lunar Ads

We created Lunar Ads from the ground up, based on our experience as mobile deveopers. Here are some advantages to using Lunar over traditional mobile ad network SDKs.

Imagine never having to post an app update just to support features in a paticular ad network, or to test the performance of an affiliate in your app? Using the Lunar Ad engine we automatically supply updates and network features into our SDK by sending your app the latest SDK for each ad network (if needed) as it's requested. Best of all, you choose which ad networks you want to use, change them anytime, and take advatage of new networks that get added into Lunar landscape just by approving them in your preferences.

Supported Ad Networks
LunarAds Cross Promotions (banners, interstitials)
Lunar Offers (our high yield CPM network)
Leadbolt -banners, app walls
Tapit - banners
Admob - banners
Pontiflex - App Leads
Jumptap -banners (coming soon)
inMobi - banners, walls (coming soon)

Cross Promote Your Apps
You show promtional ads made by other developers, and they'll show promotional ads made by you! Our cross promotion platform is the first in the industry and offers an exclisive advantage by maintaining a 1 to 1 ratio so everyone gets a fair shake within the network. More info ⇢

Multiple Ad Formats
Lunar ads support many ad formats including, banners, interstitials, and more. No need to set parameters in your layout files either. We send everything the ad needs in order to display correctly in your app without any need for customizing layout files, etc. Just call Lunar ad code from anywhere you want the ads to appear and we take care of the rest.

Mediation by You
We are your traditional ad mediation plaform. We don't take money from your ads, and we don't pay you for showing ads. Lunar Ads is simply a service platform you get to use to display whichever ad network you choose from the selected networks we support. YOU collect all of the money from the networks directly, we don't take a single penny. Your payouts are based on what you and the networks have agreed on.

Wait a second, there has to be a catch?
LunarAds really is free! "But how do you guys make any money?" we are often asked.
We have two very simple models to pay for the Lunar System. You can read about those here


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